Trident is the trusted tool for a wide variety of activities and applications.


Trident should be on every boat. You can use it to find fantastic fishing spots or great sites for diving and exploring wrecks. Trident is also a perfect quick inspection tool. You can check your prop, zincs, or the hull. At the marina, you can use Trident for a regular inspection or while you are cruising Trident can give you peace-of-mind by checking that dubious mooring line or sandy-bottom anchor set


Trident is perfect for finding new dive sites and making sure you don't waste your bottom time looking for your site. You can also extend your reach beyond recreational limits to 100 meters. Taking a surface interval? Back on the boat, Trident gives you the power to monitor a dive in progress or can be the ultimate way to share the excitement with family and friends back on the boat.

Underwater Exploration

We all want to see what's down there. Trident is your eyes underwater. Take it with you when you travel, sail, dive, go fishing, or just drop it off the dock and see what you can find. It can be exciting to think that you might be the first to see something new or make a discovery. Trident and the OpenROV Cockpit App can share this excitement with your friends, family, and the OpenROV community.


Trident will help you monitor your aquaculture site without the time and cost constraints of hiring divers. Take advantage of its portability and simplicity to inspect your installations by tossing it in the water whenever you need to: whether it is for ecological monitoring, biomass assessment, or gear inspection. In offshore or near-shore productions it can be used to conduct mooring lines, run surveys, or check for damage and fouling.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Within a minute it can be set up and in the water, saving crucial time when it matters most. A remote system like Trident will give dive teams and law enforcement officers better situational awareness and extended search range. Using Trident as a scouting tool before or in tandem with a dive team can help lower the risks to search and recovery diving.

Commercial Inspection

Trident is perfectly at home on the job site. Having a Trident means having a much less risky and lower cost way to inspect your assets. You can inspect more frequently and react more quickly. With live video in your control you can have greater awareness before making any decisions. You'll have less downtime, reduce risks, and cut costs.

Scientific & Environmental Monitoring

The Original OpenROV was created to give the scientific, education, and environmental community a lower-cost, flexible platform. The Trident carries on that purpose without the need to build it from parts. Trident's ability to dive to 100m and fly smooth transects make it a perfect visual monitoring tool. It's ability to mount sensors and custom payloads increases it's utility and flexibility.


Trident gives boat and tour operators and their guests an entirely new dimension. Being able to see wildlife from the surface is one thing but getting face-to-face is another experience entirely. Read how Trident is helping eco-tourism operators be able to offer something unique and memorable.

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